Solving Problems One Client at a Time

“Dear Peter – Upon reading your timely and well written letter, the D.A. kindly dismissed this ridiculous case. I personally wish to ‘Thank You’ for coming to my rescue. You are a very kind man – not to mention a very good lawyer. Thanks again! I really appreciate it.” – S

“When I came to see Jim I was in a desperate frame of mind, at my wits end trying to deal with Maine Unemployment System. All I could see were the apparent road blocks they were placing between me and my benefits due. Jim provided a sympathetic ear and quickly filtered from my story the important information he needed. His knowledge of the system allowed him to quickly see where the misunderstandings were at the agency and he knew what to do. Jim arranged to be my advocate in a phone hearing and he straightened out the tangle and my benefits due came to me. Jim’s fees are fair and reasonable and sensitive to one’s economic situation. This is especially true given the time and sincere interest he devotes to a client and the experience he brings to the table. I would recommend Jim to anyone having problems with the state support systems.” – T

“Dear Peter – I’m sorry it took me so long to send this. We would like to thank you so very much for taking our case and believing in us. I feel over the past 41/2 years we’ve become like family and that was the way we were treated. So from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for being there. You have a bright future and are an awesome lawyer and person.” – R & P

“Mr. Clifford – On behalf of our co-op class, thank you for taking the time to talk to our class. The information was great and you have a career you really enjoy.” – All the students in the class.

“Peter, Just wanted to thank you for the time you are putting into my case. I do appreciate it very much. You seem to be a great attorney, and I am lucky to have you representing myself, my interests and my family with these problems of mine. Thanks.” – C

“Dear Mr. Clifford – Thank you very much for a good job. Our best wishes in your life.” – L & S

“I was seriously injured in a construction accident in 2008. I was in the hospital for about a month. Jim came to see me while I was at my worst and had so many questions about the future of me and my family. He helped answer my questions and helped put us at ease. He continued to come to my home until I was able to get to his office. He also helped me find another lawyer to take care of my disability claims. My case has gone on for almost three years because of the insurance companies. Jim has fought hard for me and my family. I continue to be impressed and thankful for all his hard work.” – A

“Dear Peter – It was certainly a great pleasure and honor to work with such an accomplished and talented attorney.” – H

“Dear Peter – I want to let you know that I appreciate your counsel. You are a good attorney and a great person. Thanks again.” – G

“Peter – I would like to thank you for your time and patience on handling my case. Thank you again for everything. Take care.” – J

“Peter – You surely made 2006 the best I’ve ever known. I am very grateful.” – S

“Peter – Thank you for a job well done! Your timely and professional action paid off. Thanks.”
– J & G